Qatar Diabetes Association

The Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) provides useful and up-to-date information that will help patients understand the reality of diabetes, ways of living with it, and abidance with proper care. Visit our website

A Commitment to Healthy Living

The mission of Qatar Foundation has always been to unlock human potential, but for some citizens of Qatar, the effects of sedentary lifestyle choices could stall personal and professional development, inhibiting the fulfillment of their goals.

Helping Those With Diabetes

Diabetes diagnosis is such a difficult, catastrophic event. Most of the patients we meet at Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA), especially those young patients with Type 1 diabetes, have a very difficult time understanding their condition and adjusting to it.

Winning Qatar’s Battle Against Diabetes

The mission of the Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) is to improve the quality of life in Qatar by raising awareness of healthy lifestyles and the management and prevention of diabetes, and to help people with the condition or at risk of developing it.